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Birthdate:Dec 31
This journal is no longer being updated. The last recs were posted in 2008.

What this is:

Fic recs, Supernatural related - mostly Sam/Dean and J2.

My criteria for what I rec:

I was entertained and time was killed effectively.
I'm not too embarrassed to let you know that I read a particular story and liked it. Edit: I have since lost all shame.

Things you may notice:

I like angst and dark stuff but but with happy endings. Not to say that you won't see any unhappy ones.
I HATE 99.9% of mpreg.
I LOVE first time fics and outsider POVs.
I'm not a big fan of het.
I don't care who tops.

I usually dislke PWPs so you will see very few. My PWP definition: sex for NO reason. Give me a flimsy excuse and I'm there, especially if it's a funny one.

You might not like:

I occasionally spoil a fic when I give trigger warnings and I sometimes reveal whether or not a fic has a happy ending.

PLEASE check the author's individual story notes for warnings. They may be incomplete or modified here.


"In heaven all the interesting people are missing."
~Friedrich Nietzsche

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